About Pints for Paws

The Pints for Paws Experience

Pints for Paws is a charitable, public homebrew tasting hosted by the North Florida Brewers League to benefit the Animal Shelter Foundation. Currently in our fifth year, we expect this year’s event to showcase more unique and one-of-kind beers that you might expect at this type of tasting. Homebrewers like to mix it up. It’s not unusual to wander from booth to booth to find a Belgian Chamomile Ale, Cucumber Wheat, Chocolate Mint Cookie Ale or even a Bacon and Maple Syrup beer.

But don’t be afraid….we always have the craft-beer enthusiasts’ classic styles represented: IPAs, Porters and Stouts, Brown Ales, Light Beers and Dark Lagers. You might even find the occasional Strong Ale, Wood-Aged beer, or Sour beer.  You could say it’s like a Forrest Gump mixed 6-pack – you never know what you’re going to get.  But, you can only get it here, once a year, in one of Tallahassee’s most notable open-air pavilions. There’s something for every beer enthusiast at Pints for Paws – just wander about and you’ll stumble upon gems that you didn’t know existed, and are not available anywhere else on the planet.

All of the brewers involved in our fundraiser are extremely passionate about the beers they brew. It’s actually a pretty remarkable group of individuals that will volunteer their time—and beer—for such a wonderful cause. We sincerely hope you join us for a fun and delicious day.


What is it all about?

Our goal is to raise money for the Animal Shelter Foundation, whose mission is very clear, Making a positive difference in the lives of homeless animals. Not all of our members are pet owners, and we know that not all of you are either. But many are, and we all know the heartache that’s often associated with trying to serve our area’s homeless animals. Many of them are simply waiting to be noticed in hopes that someone can take care of them.  Some need sprucing up and medical care before they can be adopted. Some need time in foster care while they adjust to their new environments. In all cases, they need love, care and support. That’s where we come in. Even the slightest effort can yield huge results in an animal’s life. They can’t do it without us, and no single person or organization can do it all. But a community can. We value community engagement and appreciate the successes that result when we all contribute.


We’re so happy you decided to stop by and learn more about Pints for Paws, and we hope to see you at this year’s event to enjoy delicious craft beers while helping us hopefully reach an even higher fundraising goal this year. Cheers!



The North Florida Brewers League

The North Florida Brewers League – Zymurgists of  Tallahassee was established in 1990 as a membership organization dedicated to promoting both the hobby of homebrewing and an appreciation for hand-crafted beer. The NFBL welcomes and encourages participation from homebrewers and beer enthusiasts 21 years of age and older.

Activities of the NFBL

The NFBL engages in many beer-related activities. Some of those include:

  • Providing brewing and beer education
  • Brewing together at club brews
  • Coordinating events with other beer organizations
  • Participating in beer competitions and festivals
  • Providing education forums
  • Serving the community through volunteerism

Visit the NFBL Website


The Animal Shelter Foundation

The Animal Shelter Foundation (ASF) is a 501(c)3 that provides support to the homeless animals in the care of the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.  Each year, the Animal Shelter takes in over 5,000 animals.  As the community’s “umbrella” shelter, the Shelter is open admission, and must accept all animals brought to its doors.  While several thousand animals are adopted each year, the reality is that there are simply more pets than homes, and thousands more are euthanized.

Officially incorporated in the summer of 2007, the ASF was founded by a small group of shelter volunteers and local animal lovers who wanted to provide direct support to shelter animals as well as actively educate the community about pet overpopulation.  The ASF works hand in hand with the Shelter to provide veterinary care beyond the Shelter’s resources or ability, to aggressively promote spay and neuter, and to encourage responsible pet ownership.  All donations to the ASF are tax deductible, and the funds provided go directly to support ASF programs.

Visit the ASF Website